Fiberglass Handle model shown

What is the Devil's Claw?

The ultimate fire fighting tool, designed to open ceilings, walls and floors while searching for hidden fires during fire attack. Remove window and door casings, sheetrock, lath and plaster, sheet metal, tin and plasterboard.

The large contact point and heavy pointed steel tip makes the Devil's Claw the tool of choice for penetration in every phase of operation from fire attack to overhaul.

The double hook offers a greater surface area than any traditional pike pole.

Pull ceilings, door, window frames, floors, roof
Heavy enough to breach walls quickly
Created by firefighter for firefighters
Great for self-rescue

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History of the Devil's Claw

This Devil's Claw Pike Pole tool was developed as a result of a working house fire in the winter of 2007. Early in the evening we received a call to a house fire in northeast Oklahoma City with the report of a person trapped. Our assignment was to perform fire attack and provide protection for search and rescue crews.

Upon entering the structure we encountered heavy smoke and high heat with a well involved fire in the attic.

My assignment as part of the fire attack team was to remove ceiling and find the seat of the fire for the hose crew to extinguish. I had taken a traditional pike pole as my tool of choice for this task.

Inside the structure we found the ceiling was sheetrock laid over lath and plaster. Each time the traditional pike was inserted and pulled, small portions of the ceiling were removed and access was slow while the fire continued to build. The heavy buildup of ceiling materials along with the traditional lathe and plaster was not easily removed with a traditional hook and we eventually had to back out of the structure and go defensive because of not being able to access the seat of the fire quickly.

There had to be a better way to access fires in the walls or in the attic.

The next day I told my wife what happened and she told me I should go out in my shop and try to come up with something that would work better. After 18 months of research and development I came up with the present design.

The Devil's Claw Pike Pole tool is now used by many fire companies both paid and volunteer. I am very proud of this tool and I hope you have the opportunity to use one in the near future.